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Moonstruck Media is pleased to have the privilege of publishing your contribution (the Article/Interview/Image) entitled in Moonstruck Media in both print and/or electronic formats. You, as Author(s)/person interviewed, hereby agree as follows:

Moonstruck Media has the right to publish the work in the Magazines, in print and/or electronic formats, and all related rights necessary or desirable for the full use and enjoyment of such right of  Publication, including but not limited to the right to republish the work in whole or in part in future issues of Magazines, in collections of works from the journal, in anthologies. The right to publish, in print or electronic format, short selections from the Article for publicity and scholarly purposes, as deemed appropriate by Publisher and Moonstruck Media,  without payment to the Author(s).

Interviewer is responsible for making sure credits given to our company are correct and that they have permission to use photos. We are not held liable for any misuse of Images. This is your responsibility to confirm all of this.
Moonstruck Media may utilize any images submitted in/on any and all promotional materials, and social media.

The Interviewer understands due to the high costs for our company to print, they are responsible for purchasing an issue (print version). We do not supply a copy of the magazines (free). Tearsheets may be available at the discretion of the Editor-In-Chief.

The interviewer understands there is no compensation for the interview. Tearsheets may be available at the discretion of the Editor-In-Chief.

Upon publication of the Article/Interview/Image, Moonstruck Media grants to you, the person interviewed/Author(s), without charge, the right to republish the Article in unrevised form (this may not be revised in anyway), in any language, in any volume consisting entirely of your own work, or in any work that you edit, provided that Moonstruck Media is notified of such use, Moonstruck Media must be credited when publishing this content in any way, shape, or form, including all social media.  If we are not credited this can result in legal action. If you are unsure how to credit us, message us for further information.

By signing this consent form, you agree that you are the owner of the copyright and are agreeing that Moonstruck Media now has the right to publish the submitted images. You are also agreeing that you have the right to submit, and that all participating parties involved in this image have signed a release form with you, and that this information can be provided if so requested. You agree that all information submitted is true, accurate, and that you are responsible for any credit information that is missing or inaccurate.

You represent and warrant:

1.  That the Article/Interview is original, that you have full power to make this Agreement, and that you are the sole author(s);

2.  That the Article has not been previously published in whole or in part except as you have informed the Moonstruck Media in writing;

3.  That no other agreement to publish the Article is now outstanding except as you have informed Moonstruck Media in writing;

4.  That no part of the Article violates or infringes upon any copyright;

5.  That there are no rights, licenses, or commitments of any nature outstanding in favor of anyone who would or might impair or interfere with the rights granted by you to Moonstruck Media

6.  That the Article contains no statement known to be false, is free of any libel or libelous innuendo, and is in no other way harmful.

7.  Moonstruck Media will protect copyright of your Article by registering copyright of the issue of the Magazines in which it appears in the name of Publisher. If the terms of this Agreement are satisfactory to you, please sign, date it, and return the original copy together with all other necessary permissions to Publisher. This Agreement is void if  altered in any way.

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